Report Abuse

It is important to report psychiatric abuse. Without the courageous help of the abused and their friends and relatives, we would not have made such great strides to stamp out human rights violations in the mental health system. 

Vulnerable people who have sought help from psychiatrists and psychologists have been falsely diagnosed and forced to undergo unwanted and harmful psychiatric methods. Many thousands have died. CCHR investigates these and other psychiatric abuses. We can assist you with your evidence and reports of criminal psychiatric practice.

Have you or someone you love been subjected one or more of the following?

Abused or harmed by psychiatric or other “mental health” treatments including:

  • Forced to submit to ECT treatments
  • Put in restraints
  • Held against your will
  • Singled out for cruel or degrading treatment while a psychiatric patient
  • Been taken sexual advantage of by a psychiatrist or mental health practitioner
  • Forced to take psychiatric drugs against your will
  • Suffered severe side effects from psychiatric treatment
  • Have you seen insurance fraud/billing irregularities

 Other things that may constitute abuse:

  • Has a family member, friend or loved one rapidly worsened —or even died—under psychiatric treatment?
  • Have you seen death(s) that you suspect were caused by gross psychiatric malpractice such as over-drugging, misdiagnosis, violent restraints, or careless neglect?
  • Was a child (or grandchild) forced to see a psychiatrist or psychologist, or been threatened if you did not want to?
  • Have you seen violation of privacy rights (such as shared medical information without authority)

If you have been subjected to or are aware of abuse, sexual assault, crime or malpractice committed by a psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health practitioner or in mental health facility, this is your chance to report it and have action taken.  The first step to correct injustices and mental health abuses is to report them because something can be done about any situation.  Your rights can be upheld.

Your report will be forwarded to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

who will contact you to discuss possible further action and see how we can help.

You can report mental health human rights abuse using the link below or call us at 





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